Sample Presentation and Workshop Topics Include:

  1.   Has Anyone Seen My Desk?

  1.   Wait?  That’s Today!

  1.    Post-it Notes are Not Wallpaper!

“People often complain about lack of time when

lack of direction is the real problem.”


                                                                                                                - ZIg Ziglar


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MW Library Solutions is available to speak to your library or organization. Workshops and presentations are based on proven productivity systems and techniques to help you be more efficient, productive and successful.

This presentation covers time management, and the struggles we often face with how to do it all.  Topics also include procrastination, delegation and how to effectively deal with interruptions.

This presentation covers the challenges of paper as well as paper management systems.  The principles learned in this presentation can be applied as soon as you return to the office!

This presentation covers the Art of Wastebasketr and Task Management.